Each one of us are different in our appearances. Accordingly we define our makeup contour. The most essential part of the makeup cover the eye and you want to make it look perfect. Here’s a guide on how to apply your eyeliner based on the shape of your eye. You must keep a few things in mind just to get that perfect one.

1. Round Eyes

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For women with round eyes, work more on the outer corners of your eye. Apply a very thin streak on the inner part and go broader on the outside. Then your eyes just need a curvy end to it. This will give it a very chic and a powered look.

2. Almond Eyes

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Almond eyes are considered perfect ones and is the most common among the Indian Women. This shape gives to an opportunity to go bizarre with your look. However for the perfect winged look, line the inner upper and lower lashes with a waterproof pencil around your eyes. Now apply your favorite liner with wings on the top and give it a perfect shape.

3. Upturned Eyes

Source- youreyebrows

For this shape you must not focus on highlighting but try making both the inner and the outer edge stronger by applying shaped liner (as shown in the picture above) or by smudging kajal / eye shadow. Slowly extend the outer part with a smudge proof liner. Make sure you do not extend too much for this eye shape.

4. Downturned / Hooded Eyes

Camilla Belle
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Upturned eyes make your eyes look smaller. Start applying your liner from the inner corner of the eye extending to the out. These eyes look magnificent if the eyeliner is evenly thick across. Experiment your look by doubling your wings.

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