Do you hear the Buzz all around? Yes she is here. She brings in joy, excitement, feast and above all a lesson for life – “Win of good over evil”. The puja fever has gripped the entire city irrespective of class or gender.

Durga Puja in Bengal is a festival that marks the battle of goddess Durga with the evil demon and her emerging victorious. It marks the goddess as the motherly power behind all of life and creation. On my visit to Kumartuli and watching the making of the idol the thing that struck me most was the dedication of the ‘Karigars’ to reach a level beyond imagination. There were just a few days left for a structure of clay and hay to transform into a magnificent bengali bride. Their creation is going to every single corner of Kolkata leaving people awestruck and gaping at the idol in admiration. I am in a city which is timeless, classic and opulent, caters to its art enthusiasts and individuals with a fine taste. Nothing can quite beat the grace and elegance the Pujo tradition carries with itself.

Being within a city that never sleeps at this time, I spent my time creating a story that would represent all of us. Busy splashing colours amongst the beautiful nascent black and white idols of Maa. My pure colourful attire from “Vastra- By Milonee” helped me shape my fusional modern Indian look. The sheen of the cotton silk fabric for the flare gown seemed to be perfect to suit this weather and the festive mood. While the geometric hand printed and side tasseled dupatta made it look even more gracious and stand out in the crowd. It seemed to be the right time to organise a cheerful wardrobe, wear bold colours and have a fashion fiesta. Adorned in thick and bright colours, I brought myself the courage to represent my look in the city that I have been brought up in.


Let us play around, colour around, balance it out and make a winning look. It all about making your own statement.

Until next time, SHUBHO BIJOYA!!