Ancient craftsmanship, intricate detailing and amazing embroidery, is what is being loved nowadays. Some designs are such classics that they never fail to have a place in a woman’s heart. Based on this philosophy of working, TINT Shoes Studio has the beauty of presenting its collection which is so unique and trendy. Every piece of shoe is not only meant for traditional looks, but also for contemporary and fusion wear.

TINT is founded by two partners, Vrinda Gupta (Singapore), who has a 5 year experience in footwear buying and merchandising and Devina Salarpuria (Kolkata), who has a 7 year experience in curating fashion and luxury events in Kolkata. They believe right footwear can make a woman feel confident and empowered.

Devina Salarpuria (Kolkata Store)

With the basic colour palette used in their design, one can set a casual mood, attract attention by the intricacies, or make a classic statement in an ensemble. They bring about timeless designs created with fresh aesthetics. They truly value trend as much as the tradition.

Captivated Loafers
Ice-cream Sandals
Garden of Glory Sliders
Flamingo Sandals
Tasseled Teaser Sandals

The most inspiring narrative being, TINT engages and supports skilled artisans and preserves the ancient shoe making techniques. Apart from having its own range of footwear, TINT customises the designs according to your likes and comfort. Its all about celebrating diversity at its best.


TINT is available at its online shop
or at its store –TINT Shoes Studio, 574, 1st Floor, Block N, New Alipore, Kolkata-700053

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