How about a life stuck in a 1960’s television box, where there is a happy glow of yellow and the serene hue of blue. Indian Festive season has come to a closing end with the winter chills kissing us silently. I decided to bid goodbye to the season in the only appropriate way, as the winter is gliding upon us.
I lately have fell in love with the perfect weather Kolkata is experiencing. I couldn’t resist going out and building my postcard series. Here I am, kickstarting after festive with a lot of energy, plans and ideas for Desipopsicle. Have exciting things lined up for all of you, so stick around.
yellow postcard 1
Chasing this city with the brightest of the day colour by going for a shift layered dress in dreamy sunrise tones of yellow co-ordinated with a plain white T-shirt. The effortless charm of this outfit is emphasised by addition of classic white sneakers. Shift dresses are super cute for a city walk and lends itself to an array of low-maintenance and one of the most comfortable outfits.
yellow postcard 3I can put this outfit together in literally 10 minutes for a quick grocery run or coffee date or meetings. I can blindly pull it out clothes as they fit me well , and make me feel good and stylish. So girls, it’s time we revamp our wardrobes and get away with the clothes that don’t fit you well or you haven’t worn in a long time.
yellow postcard 4
I share some tips and tricks for your perfect shift dress look:

  • Swap your heels for some fun shoes instead. Loafers, sneakers and brogues are good options.
  • Stick to basics like tees or a simple blouse to work with them
  • If you want to build some serious glam in your look, try a blazer or a printed jacket to go along.
    yellow postcard 2

The most important think I am keeping in mind while planning my wardrobe is to invest in styles that work in my lifestyle. Functionality along with the aesthetics are should be a must while deciding upon any outfit.

yellow postcard 5

Outfit Details-
Dress– Bangkok Street (Chatuchak Market) , Shoes– Zara, Bag– Jaipur Street Market

Plaban Bhattacharya