Going to my past, a few months ago I was climbing the corporate ladder, drawing salaries, buying fancies and living in luxury, but there did remain an undefined discontent. I realised I needed to take more control on my life and do much more with whatever less I have. We live in a consumerist society which is driven by what we wear and eat. The zero size models and the rugged men are considered idealistic. There is no end to how you are really supposed to consume. But what really makes a difference and gives us an idea of contentment is when we ask a question to ourselves, as to what we really need.
Before writing this post, I wanted to have a field of vision of the people I am surrounded with on this topic. To them minimal style was all about few colours, small closet and no prints. In short they defined it as an utterly boring way of dressing. This is when I started my research because I always had a feeling it had to do much more than what is seen and how people interpret it. And one thing about it for sure is that minimal dressing has a lot to do with people who live a minimalistic lifestyle too.
A minimalist wardrobe can be anything you want it to be. The first basic principle is to have quality essentials and go for pieces which are versatile instead of trendy. Less doesn’t matter but quality over quantity does. Minimalist dressing isn’t for everyone, but great fabrics, interesting fits, and beautiful silhouettes are things that you can enjoy. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy your minimalist look and look stylish at the same time.

1. Opt for some Chic Classics

Take the spotlight off the trends and focus on the silhouettes that suit your body type. Pick some essential neutral classics which have a unique element detail to it. Like in the picture above, a simple striped t-shirt with bell sleeves makes the look very different for our general casual wear.

2. Choose your colour

We all have those one or two favourite colour choices in clothing which define us. These are apart from the neutrals we already own. Try to include more of it in your wardrobe pieces, so your daily mix and match becomes easier.

3. Use the right accessories

Invest in accessories which will have a longer lifespan and will have a superior construction. Instead of owning a dozen pair of footwear, consider styles will be the most versatile for every occasion. It sustains a lot on the way you carry it and your personality. Try to find a bag that will match everything in your closet.

4. Let your style have one focus

There is just one rule to make your simple outfit more interesting and that is to choose one clear piece in your ensemble which will grab more attention. Be it your jacket or your accessories. This particular piece is something where your can go bizzare with it’s prints or surface ornamentation techniques.

Think it is time to have a more mature and a clearer look at your wardrobe. Define your style.

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Until next time!! XOXO 🙂