Its time to break the old rules and make new ones. So get rid of the usual standards which says anything about not mixing the prints, ransack through your wardrobe to find the perfect print clashing pieces and make a bold statement. So in this look instead of the vivid colours, I decided to focus on the prints to make this stand out by being extravagantly colourful.

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Allow me to share a few tips on how to combine prints and still look fabulous:

1. Let there be two dominant colours

2. Use complimentary color scheme –
The opposing colours create maximum contrast and maximum stability to your outfit. Use colours which are totally opposite to each other such as red and green and red-purple and yellow-green etc.

3. Play with textures –
Different textures make the whole look very interesting

4. Mix both solid and prints –
Mixing both makes the look stand out. Its important to make every print identifiable and only a neutral combination can do that.

5. Match your accessories –
Use accessories which are neutral or is of the same colour, so that your outfit is always in focus.


As of my look above I just paired this outfit pieces on random, out of the blue. The reason why this outfit appeals to me personally, besides the clash of prints and the use of colours only is because the way I see it and associate the flow of the skirt with the print in my jacket and scarf- I am free. Wearing my spot tee with tropical plain flare skirt and and vibrant blue printed jacket. At the same time, going loud (think bright) on accessories for an ‘all eyes on me’ look. No matter how you choose to wear the look (subtle or bold) keep the colours in the same mood. Your patterns can be different, as long as you are confident, you are good to go. Had such fun mixing and matching all these fantastic prints. Let’s get crafty and let your imagination run wild.

I am wearing:
V-neck basic Tee- Forever 21,  Skirt and scarf- Zara India Online, Jacket- Max fashion, Shoes- Koovs, Handmade earrings- Velvet Couture
Styling and Modelling : Shreya Dwivedi | Photography : Plaban Bhattacharya | Post Writeup : Shreya Dwivedi